FCPL Needs Your Support THIS Thursday

You may have read last week that the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners is holding a town hall meeting regarding an extention of SPLOST. Forsyth County Public Library has requested a portion of those funds for an expansion of the Sharon Forks branch.

Could you spare a few moments of your time to attend the town hall meeting and support the Library?

Come to the Town Hall Meeting

Please contact us if you can attend the town hall meeting with us. If you can’t attend but would like to share comments in support of the Library and SPLOST, please feel free to email your thoughts to Paula Glover, our volunteer Publicity Coordinator.

Here are the meeting details:

  • Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Projects to be Included on SPLOST VII Referendum
  • When: THIS Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 4:30
  • Where: County Administration Building

Okay Friends, it’s time to be Advocates

FCPL Friends & Advocates is an independent non-profit organization, totally separate from the Library, but it’s part of our mission to advocate on the Library’s behalf.

If just a few of us can attend the town hall meeting and, if necessary, speak in support of the Sharon Forks expansion, we can help the Library continue to provide valuable services to our community. If you aren’t sure why the expansion is needed, check out the facts at the bottom of this page.



The current 1-cent SPLOST sales tax expires in June 2013. A November vote to continue SPLOST would extend to June 2019.

FCPL needs a portion of SPLOST funds to expand the Sharon Forks branch. Why? Sharon Forks is the busiest branch:

Current Statistical Use  (July 1, 20010 – June 30, 2011)

  • Visitors to Sharon Forks: 183,634
  • Circulation of Items: 857,668
  • Information Questions Asked: 65,205
  • Computer Sessions Requested: 34,250   (one hour per session)

What is needed? A larger facility. Here are a few facts about the current facility and the proposed expansion:

Current Facility Design:

  • Opened in November 2000
  • 21,500 square feet facility
  • Parking Spaces:  150 spaces
  • Planned for a maximum of 150,000 visitors per year

Potential Future Facility Design:

  • Needed As Soon As Possible
  • 27,500 square feet facility
  • Parking Spaces:  170 spaces
  • Planned for a maximum of 225,000 visitors per year

It’s important to note that this proposed expansion does not include any expansion in staff. Only utilities and janitorial expenses would increase as a result of the expansion.

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