September 2019 – Life Cycle

toddler tales


Recently, my daughter was visiting with us and she brought our toddler granddaughter with her.  We took our 21-month-old to the Toddler Tales for 18 to 36 months old children at the Post Road library.  The books and songs for the day were all about colors.  The parents and children danced to songs and then sat on their mats and listened to the stories and watched the puppet show.  The room was full (more than I expected) with children and their caregivers.  It’s very uplifting to see the youngest full of life and being exposed to new experiences.  All the children programs are FREE to the public. There are story times for all ages throughout the week at each branch.

People ask me all the time, what do you do with the money from the book sales.  I take pride in telling them that the book and monetary donations go to support the library’s literacy programs for children AND adults.  The Friends help purchase puppets and bring story tellers and performers to the area along with a variety of other support means.  The Summer Reading Program each year takes many contributors to fund the entire program.   So, when you donate a book, buy book, buy membership or make a monetary donation, please know that it has a positive impact on your community. Your legacy is you’ve furthered the literacy skills of the next generation.  As a grandparent – I thank you!

Now, when I was younger, school started in September, the leaves began to change and the weather was cooler, the new TV shows came on, and my mom took me shopping for a few new clothes to wear to school.  Times have changed, as they always have.  School starts a month earlier now, the weather is warmer longer, and we purchase things online and have them shipped to our homes, and new tv shows come on throughout the year.  Change is constant.  Adaptability is necessary.

Today, we read books on phones, tablets, and computer screens.  We listen to books as we travel and exercising and we still enjoy reading, while touching the ink on the paper. We may have evolved as a species, but we are still telling stories and tales. They are just delivered differently. It seems we adapt anything we do today to fit our ability and how and when we want it delivered.

At a recent FRIENDS board meeting, we were hearing statistics on the numbers of Forsyth County Public Library checkouts and how they have RISEN in the past few years. Interesting enough, polls are showing that people are reading LESS.   After drilling down and looking at the types of library checkouts, you’ll be astounded at the increase of electronic checkouts (books that were downloaded).  But before you think paper books will be extinct, Think again! People still enjoy touching the book and they like the portability and not having to need a support, like a battery.  On a human note, books are part of our personal belongings. They bring us comfort and meaning. Have you ever held a book and a stranger saw you holding it and then struck up a conversation about the book?  Books also take us to a time when we immerse ourselves in the story or when we are first introduced to a new thought or idea.

I am elated to report the sales at the FRIENDS bookstores at ALL of the locations have INCREASED this year.  Personally, I download books on my devices to serve my needs, but I also buy books to keep and have in my personal library at home. 

I hope that you continue to share the love of reading with people in your life who give you meaning. Our volunteers love to talk about books, so please come visit with us.  Also, if you are searching for a book, let us know.  We take the information, and should it come our way, we will hold the book for you and give you a call.   That’s what FRIENDS do!

Jodie Barger

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